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Q: Can I reset all data of a certain score pad?

A: No, you cannot reset. But you can create a new one with no data in it yet. In a free version you will need to delete one score pad, if you already have two of them. Pro Pack removes a two score pads only limit from Bridge Scoring app.

Q: Is there a way to reset data of a certain board?

A: Yes it is. On a bidding tab you will find a Pass out switch. Please turn it on, what will erase data from the current board, as well as it will lock all the controls. Then switch Pass out off to activate controls back.

Q: Can I reset all data of every score pad at once?

A: The best way to achieve this, is to remove Bridge Scoring app from your device, and then download it again from AppStore. Your score pads database will be recreated. If you purchased a Pro Pack, do not worry, it remains active for all your devices forever.

Q: Do I need to enter Opening Lead for every board?

A: No, Opening Lead is fully optional information. You do not need to enter it, if you do not want to.

Q: If I purchase a Pro Pack for my Bridge Scoring app, will I be able to use it on my other devices?

A: Yes, all devices registered for the same AppStore account which an initial purchase has been made with, are entitled to restore Pro Pack from your application Info page.

Q: I uninstalled Bridge Scoring app, after I had purchased Pro Pack. Will I need to buy Pro Pack again, when I install the app back?

A: No, you will not. Pro Pack is a non-consumable purchase, what means that once you buy it, it is valid for your account forever. You just need to restore the Pro Pack from your application Info page.

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